carrot  One of Denver’s fastest growing developments.

The trade area is already a proven retail location.

A 400-acre mixed-use development surrounded by the fast growing Green Valley Ranch Community, Denver Connection offers a variety of retail opportunities including high visibility sites along Pena Boulevard and neighborhood retail locations along Tower Road.

carrot  Immediate Opportunities along Tower Road & Green Valley Ranch Boulevard.

  • High visibility pads and small shop sites
  • Dynamic trade area with a mix of residential, retail, office and industrial employment
  • Surrounded by residential development
  • Medical office locations
  • 2013 Traffic Counts = 32,000

Home to 27 acres of retail development, existing retailers at the Denver Connection include Walgreens, Chase Bank, TCF Bank, Carl’s Jr., McDonalds, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, and an inline building with frontage on 48th Avenue which includes an H&R Block, a Domino’s Pizza, medical office and dental.  New retailers continue to compete for remaining parcels.

carrot  Highly Visible Peña Boulevard Sites.

Additional high profile retail locations exist along both the Southbound and Northbound Pena Boulevard and Green Valley Ranch exit. Pena Boulevard currently serves over 100,000 cars per day.  It offers a unique opportunity for highly visible sites and the opportunity to leverage extensive visibility. These sites also benefit from a strong business base surrounding the site.

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